1. Intuitive, simple, pixel-perfect design ›

Your site should be easy-to-use and the design should be unique and elevate a visitor’s perception of your company. We make every company look way better online than they did before we started.

2. Complete mobile device compatibility

60% of your website’s visitors are currently visiting on their mobile phones. If it’s hard to read about what you do and what you can offer this site visitor, it will be really hard to compel them to take action. All Surgostream’s projects are mobile compatible.

3. Advanced client activity tracking

You should be tracking everything that is happening on your website. This is the magical thing about a website: It can collect actual leads for you and keep you posted on what your customers are up to when you’re sleeping. Surgostream’s Surgostat technology collects detailed information on what your specific customers are watching, how much of it they’re watching and even whether they re-watched certain parts. It gets your sales team out of the dark and into the light to help them follow up more effectively and close more deals. There’s nothing nefarious about tracking. Many of Surgostream’s clients are offering business-to-business work product and buyers of this product understand and benefit from our client’s improved understanding of their behavior.

4. Easy-to-understand sales reporting

Collecting data isn’t enough. The collected data needs to be presented in a way that is useful for sales people. Our client’s need to make decisions based on the data and share this data with production partners and other company stake-holders. Surgostream’s focus on the needs of media distribution companies allows us to deliver these solutions faster, at a far higher quality level and for a fraction of the cost because of our complete focus on this business niche. You don’t want to have to start from scratch when building technology and you won’t find this from generalist creative agencies.

5. Secure video delivery

The problem with YouTube and Vimeo is that it’s easy for people to download your copyrighted content. You want to know that your video content is safe. Surgostream’s platform allows people to stream your programs simply but protects your programming from unsanctioned downloading.

6. Fast HD video delivery

If your clients have to wait for your videos to load, you’re losing them. Surgostream uses a distributed network of server computers located all over the world so your customers can stream your content with ease whether they’re located in New York or New Dehli.

7. Easy ability to manage and update internally

Relying on an external agency as the sole manager and updater of your digital marketing presence is a huge liability. Sometimes you need to update or communicate things immediately and can’t wait for the unpredictable response time of a vendor. Our system is designed to empower anyone with credentials to be able to quickly manage and produce new site content.

8. Lightning-fast page load speed

Marketing changes often need to be made fast and it’s nice to know  you can do it yourself without needing to know any complicated code or technical stuff to keep things updated.

9. Search engine optimization

You want a site that is visible to search engines. Our platform makes this process easy.

10. Flexibility

We believe in giving our customers options. Our system doesn’t lock you in. We can help you integrate our system with any existing or future mailing list or relationship management systems so every part of your marketing process is connected.